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Plexus Slim Review Plus Test Results

Here is some information on how Plexus Slim got its start back in 2005. In factPlexus Slim & Plexus Accelerator Products Plexus Slim was not even a drink when it was in its early testing stage. First of all Plexus Slim was not even intended to be a weight loss product when it was originally developed and formulated.  It was originally meant for Type 2 Diabetics.

Plexus Slim Study With Actual Test Results
A real study was conducted with real test subjects and the following information was found:
1. Every one of the participants had some weight loss. Some a little and some a lot. The key fact was that every one of the people taking the product saw some degree of weight loss.
2. All test subjects saw their sugar numbers go down. Some a little and some a lot.
3. The key fact is that every one of them had achieved weight loss and saw their sugar numbers go down.
4. The chart below shows the results of the test.

Plexus Slim Review of the test results on weight and glucose.

It was found that the new Plexus Slim did an excellent job at balancing blood sugar plus giving people what they wanted, a product to help them lose weight.

People started using this newly formulated Plexus Slim and many reported that they had reduced or eliminated their insulin dependency!  Even more people reported sleeping better, having stress relief, clarity of mind, sustained or extra energy and lastly lowering their cholesterol and lipid levels.

How Plexus Slim Works

I find that our body is really amazing because it has the ability to balance itself when given the right vitamins, minerals, supplements and other things I will refer to as tools. In the research we noticed  that if we can get our blood sugar to the level of being balanced, then a persons weight would come off naturally.  We all know it is important to have a balanced blood sugar level because it means our bodies organs are all working together in harmony with each other.  There are times when one or more of our bodies organs suffer from having to work a little harder to compensate for another organ that may not be up to 100 percent.  Many times we find that it just takes getting one or two organs operating a little better and more efficiently and all of a sudden the rest are able to follow suite.  Our brain and our thinking is so important in the whole complicated process of weight loss.  Normally there are important signals that are sent to the brain that often tell us that we are full and to stop eating. If those signals get blocked for some reason then our body may get out of whack or maybe it is just not in tune with itself.  If you have an imbalance in your blood sugar level , you may find that these important signals that are normally sent to the brain are compromised. When this happens you may not get the right hormones necessary to tell you to stop eating.  Plexus Slim the Pink Drink is an amazing product to me because of the way it works on me. I know when I miss taking it I find my urge to eat sometimes is just out of control. It's almost like my hands are moving faster to my mouth then I can eat. I have actually eaten food until I felt like I was ready to pop! You will probably find yourself felling full on a lot less food. That's a horrible feeling and I think that almost all of us have been to that point at one time or the other. As long as I drink my Plexus Slim I find my will power in control and my eating habits in check. That is a little story of my own that I like to tell people.

Plexus Slim Weight Loss Product Line

We recently added the Plexus96 protein drink which I find a great meal on the run. Just add water, shake and mix and then drink. You get plenty of protein and just 96 calories. I like to change my Plexus96 Protein Drink up some and I will add strawberries and blueberries to the mix and a couple of drops of vanilla extract. It makes for a great tasting drink and really good for you with the added berries.

Should you have any questions at all about what you have read here please feel free to contact Robin at 225-636-0818. If she does not have the answer to your question she will get it!!! She takes the Plexus Slim and Accelerator every day and also drinks the Plexus96.