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I personally use the cream on my neck and lower back and this product does provide me with some relief. All I can say is that if I can get some relief with my advanced stage of degeneration that you should get some if not more relief then what I do.

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FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support

This is my review on the FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support product and more information and pictures on the whole Fast Relief product line. Although fairly new to the market, the FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support product is getting some good reviews from its users. Designed to help with Nerve-Growth-Factor and allow people to live a better improved lifestyle.

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What does FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support do?

The product is specially formulated to help the body regenerate nerve fibers. This is done through the stimulation of NGF-Nerve Growth Factor, a peptide that triggers healing in damaged nerves. Nerves act as the wires connecting different points of the body. They are the recipients and messengers of pain, numbness and any other sensory feeling. Nerves also connect different organs so that they can react to external changes in the environment.

The body is stimulated through the use of FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support to produce nerve-healing properties. At the very least, this product may reduce common problems such as “pins and needles”, numbness, tingling and pain.

FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support
What does it contain?

With nerve regeneration in mind, creators of the product have gone through lengths to come up with something that serves their purpose while boosting the immune system.
The product includes:





Vitamin B6


Folic Acid



Vitamin B12

See label for full ingredient list and amounts of each item listed. There is also an added proprietary blend. 


The Fast Relief Product Line Is Growing Fast

There’s no question that FAST RELIEF™ Nerve Health Support is currently one of the growing products when it comes to health care. Providing a highly unique service, the item is perfect for anyone suffering through the symptoms of nerve damage. This Nerve Growth Factor product is currently available from links on this site and through Independent Ambassadors of Plexus Worldwide.


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Caution: If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician prior to using this product.